Auditing services in Viet Nam

Why choose auditing services of CAF in Viet Nam

Auditing services in Viet Nam

Independent auditing services are main services of CAF GLOBAL. Independent auditing is to enhance the quality, improve the reliability and relevance of information for leaders who make important decisions.

In addition to the traditional financial statement audit, most organisations experience needs for independent, objective assurance on financial information, transactions and processes.

Independent assurance and verification adds credibility to an organisation’s disclosures and reporting, particularly when it is not a statutory requirement.

CAF Auditing Services

CAF auditing service is a team of auditors over 10 years of experience, CAF Audit has provided audit services to more than 5,000 clients.  

CAF Auditing Services
CAF Auditing Services

CAF Co.,LTĐ receive much trust from Client from Viet Nam. also offers you a very good audit service fee.

The independent auditing services in Vietnam of CAF

Understanding the clients and their operating environment;

Studying accounting policies and business processes;

Analyzing the financial statements;

Evaluating internal control system and fraud risk;

Establishing the importance level and sampling method;

Witnessing the checking of money, inventory, and fixed assets at the time of preparing financial statements;

Sending a letter confirming the balance of important items;

Checking accounting books and evidence at the clients’ place;

Communicating with the clients about the limitations and shortcomings of the accounting and internal control systems to improve the efficiency of business operations of the clients;

Furthermore, providing audit opinions and issuing audit reports.

Finally, surveying the quality of annual auditing services to continuously improve the capacity of CAF.

Why choose auditing services of CAF in Viet Nam

Why choose auditing services of CAF in Viet Nam
Why choose auditing services of CAF in Viet Nam

Professional staff

Audit team is deep experience, fully knowledge and techniques implementing many forms of business in a wide range of industries.

Effective, reasonable process

CAF Co.,Ltd has designed and applied a reasonable work program focusing on the troubles and risks that clients concerned; it is accordance with the real situation for each client.

Favorable fee

With the motto, client development is our success, the fee is calculated based on customer satisfaction and receipt of the actually value.

Practical consultancy

In addition to implementing the audit services, we would like to bring added benefits to customers through regular consultation for accounting-tax insues, offer the number of updated and compiled newsletters law by us for free.

Financial statement audit

An audit of financial statement is a form of assurance service in which the auditor issues a written report expressing an opinion about whether the financial statement is in material conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. External users who rely on those financial statements to make business or other relevant decisions look to the auditor’s report as an indication of the statement’s reliability.

Our audit service includes

Auditing financial statements in line with Vietnamese Auditing standards;

Auditing financial statements in line with International Financial Reporting Standards;

Compliance auditing;

Auditing for special purposes under client’s request;

Consersion of VAS (Vietnamese Auditing standards) report into IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) report

Reviewing of financial information; financial statements

Reviewing and auditing for specific purposes;

Reviewing regulatory compliance.

Operational audit

Operational audit is an overall assessment of the way a company operates to evaluate its effectiveness. Upon completion of the operational audit, managers will normally expect advice to improve the efficiency of their operations. In operational audit, we are not limited to look at accounting.

We can include the evaluation of inventory control procedures, information administration, sales and marketing procedures, human resources and any other areas in which our professional staff is qualified.

Services of CAF

  1. Accounting services.
  2. Auditing services in Vietnam.
  3. Company Formation Services.

Contact information

Address: 447/23 Binh Tri Dong, Binh Tri Dong Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Phone: 098 225 4812 – Mr Cac Tran



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